Our Services

We have worked within many industries: public transport, medical devices, electronic manufacturing, IoT and financial services. Whatever field of work you are in we can help you with your projects!

Python Development

We specialise in backend Python development. Whether you are after a simple script or a full blown REST API, we can help you with that.

Test Development

We treat testing as a first class citizen. It is important, you should do it, and you should automate it. We recommend PyTest, but any other framework is good with us. We can write tests for your application, create test frameworks and test programs.

DevOps Consulting

Whether it is a branching strategy, setting up a continuous integration or deployment system or just automating some of your services or processes, we can do it all. We like Jenkins and love Docker, there is very little these two cannot achieve.

Raspberry Pi Development

We have worked with the Raspberry Pi for a number of years and understand the true potential of this affordable device. We can design production systems based around a Raspberry Pi and even help you design any hardware interfaces you may need for your specific application. Examples of applications we have developed using RPi's:

  • Driving label printers
  • Production test equipment
  • Bluetooth scanners
  • Remote chip programming
  • Home and industrial automation